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Nov 1, 2008

Going to the Chapel

I've been humming it all day...

It wasn't exactly a chapel, but a hall in a little corner of redwoods in Camp Meeker. How I love this place. Summers were spent here in our family cabin when I was a pre-teen and then teen. So many great memories of family and later friends at Meldave (our cabin's name). I'd hike around the roads and trails, ocassionally forging my own, and tromp through the creek. Some days we'd pack up and head to the beach in Monte Rio or sometimes Guerneville. Bring a lunch and hang out all day reading Evergreen or the 'Attic' series. I explored St. Dorothy's when it wasn't occupied and once went snipe hunting late at night. Many rounds of moanin' rummy and learning to play Pedro- watching my aunts and uncles laugh, cocktails in hand. Sleeping on the screened in porch, a little scared at the night noises surrounding the cabin. Always cold at night ,snuggled in a sleeping bag, and the days warm and hot. Perfect weather!

Today we returned for my sister's wedding. She married her partner of fifteen years. They were giddy, nervous, and excited. My other sister lives in Camp Meeker and was eloquoent in her officiating the ceremony. A lovely and lively party that we left before it was over. Dancing, singing, drinking, talking and laughing.

Relatives, friends, kids... Many years of history and memories in that room. Many came from Colorado, Utah, Los Angeles, and from all over the Bay Area. So many good feelings and warmth.

I was surprised, a bit, at some of my relatives who actually attended, and my father who agreed to walk my sister down the aisle- how far he has come to do this for her, with her.

A fun time, a good time, a legal time.

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Tracey said...

Sounds like a lovely time. I'm very happy for you and your sister! And for your father who sounds like an old dog that CAN learn new tricks.