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Nov 25, 2008

A ramble

We normally don't watch t.v. during the week. As a result, our kids are not exposed to PBS, since our local channel doesn't show kids programming on the weekends. Well, we are all off for the week for Thanksgiving break- a lovely idea. This is one of my favorite school breaks. Vacation means access to t.v. during the week. The kids are thrilled.

Ruby has fallen for 'MY, Juh Juh, MY, Juh Juh'. She has just started to get interested in t.v. and thinks Curious George is the best thing ever. We've taped a few shows for the older kids since they enjoy this show as well. However, I can only take so much of the the same show over and over again- so this week we are exploring PBS.

The point of this ramble is the kids have been hooked into PBS- but Ruby keeps institing on George... We watched a bit of Super Why. Grace is watching and then says "Something must be wrong with his diction." Uh, okay... Since when does she recognize diction isssues??? She's 8!

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Anonymous said...

That's the intelligent Grace I know!! I think her fabulous Kindergarten teacher must have taught her that!! :)