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Nov 3, 2008

Yes on 8, no more...

At least there are no more 'Yes on 8' signs on certain roads in my community any longer- I was just informed this morning that any political signs on public property is against the law! I had no idea. On our way out of town on Saturday morning we drove past a couple of men with a truck load of 'Yes on 8' signs. They were stopping along the highway every so often and planting them on the side of the road. Expressing their opinion, all right, I thought... Ah, but then to find out they were breaking the law. It was my duty to rectify that situation. Along the way I also picked up a few McCain signs... ALL were illegally placed on the side of the road. I made no attempt to hide my actions- the law was on my side.

And let's not forget I had an accomplice or five... The extra grown up grabbed some signs, as well and the other four, well, it was an opportunity for learning. They looked for the color yellow and counted- "Two mama, two"

23 Yes • 4 McCain (edited to add)+2 more yes...

My civic duty... Complete.

1 comment:

LeLo said...

You are such a giver.
Awesome work.

My thoughts are with you, California, on Tuesday. I hope my homestate comes through for you, and for all of us.