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Nov 4, 2008

4 times

Four times I have welled with tears this morning.

Apparently, I am more anxious about this election than I thought.

The first was talking to a friend this morning who is voting for McCain- I can respect that, but then when talking further she avoided Prop 8 discussion other than to say "it's a huge discussion at my house".

I don't understand how this friend can support me and my family and yet, more than likely, vote yes on 8.

The second was listening to NPR replaying Obama talking about his grandmother.

The third listening to voters speak on NPR after they had finished voting.

And the fourth was after I completed voting and my little girls were so good sitting at the table coloring and eating cookies- thinking about their future, wondering about the outcome of this election and recognizing how much our country needs change.

Will it happen?

My oldest, Leo, told me he really wants Prop 8 to lose because he wants us to be happy, he doesn't want us to have to separate, "because won't it be against the law, for you to stay together if 8 passes?"


Thorn said...

Poor Leo! I hope he doesn't have to find out that he's wrong about the possible outcome of a loss on Prop 8. Your family and all families deserve protection and respect, and I hope so much that California works out this time.

Moriah Bettencourt said...

I honked my car horn so many times today, at every No on 8 supporter I could see. I am sooooo praying that it failed! I cannot imagine ever thinking that I should hate someone for who they love.

No on HATE!

Anonymous said...


Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Our paper here in Nevada is predicting a passing of Prop 8 - I hope it just had to print the papers before hearing it was wrong.

I hope it is some comfort that Obama will lead our country now and hopefully lead the way to changing these bigoted and unconstitutional laws.

Many, many hugs

Tracey said...

I understand that prop 8 passed, am I right? If so, I am so sorry... It's so disheartening to think that California, of all liberal states, would vote that way...

Lisa Damrosch said...

I just wanted to tell you how sick I am that the vote went the way it did. I'm so sorry. I know in my heart that some day we will overcome this too.