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Okay? Okay.

Apr 6, 2009

Three Dozen

All in the blink of an eye...

Edited to add: All this done while we unloaded from the van- the girls decided to make some eggs...

Apr 1, 2009


Or should I say Philliped?

From school, we race across town to help grandma on with her orthopedic walking boot (the hip surgery went very well, but she suffered some temporary nerve damage [hopefully] to her foot - foot drop- and needs assistance every morning and evening), and directly from there to the pediatricians office to check on Julia's ear infection since she was up again last night and the Dr. was concerned that her ears aren't healing properly... From there to the bank to make a deposit for Grandma, a quick stop into the smoothie joint for some sustenance. The four littles, my two 3 year old girls and the two 6 month olds I take care of, were troopers, but also their own forces to deal with...

At the pediatrician's office I realized that my stroller handle was coming out, so I used my McGyver skills and trusty pocket knife to remedy the situation- a twist here and there and I soon realized that a screw was missing. Smoothies in hand, we arrived home, where an additional three year old, Lily, joined us for the afternoon- so Raquel could run an important errand-. With the kids settled in the house I hunted down my drill and found a stray screw and set about to fix the stroller. The drill was set with a Phillips head bit and I attempted to replace the screw - Exerting a bit of force, since the screw was slightly larger than the hole I was screwing it into, I drilled a way- right. into. my. hand.

Apparently the screw had broken off and the threaded piece was still stuck in the stroller- when the new screw met with resistance , it fell and the bit glanced off the stroller and into the flesh of my hand, just below and between my ring and middle fingers of my left hand- Screwed, I was literally screwed,, and not in a nice way.

With a quick call or two, Raquel returned to my home so I could leave for the clinic- Yikes. A puncture wound heals best open- no stitches or super glue- just some cleaning, a tetanus booster and a big band aid. Goes well with the elbow brace for the ulnar nerve/tendon injury, which the Dr. thinks should get better in a month or two... Elevate it, ice it, Motrin around the clock..take it easy...

Yeah, okay.