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Okay? Okay.

Jul 22, 2009

You're it!

Sent all eight out with popsicles... and now get to enjoy the racous sounds of them playing some version of tag... how long will it last? Ruby just jumps up and down at base, screaming and waving her arms, Juj is wandering around, desperately in need of a nap, sucking her thumb and clutching her b.c.- taking it all in, but steering clear of the action. Gus and Jack idolizing their big brother Leo, who has orchestrated the game. Abe excited to be included- big grins, Mia too- though she tries to cheat and win every time. Grace takes a bit of a backseat and isn't bossing everyone around- laughing and running...

Arguments ensue- Mia gets called out on her cheating, she strikes out and is out of the game.

One more round and it's over... Back to swimming, computer, bionicles, dancing, movie and reading...