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Nov 7, 2008

Trick or Treat


gwendomama said...

positively ghoulish.

thanks for the comic relief.

Maia said...

Love the new header picture. Actually I'm not sure if it's new but I usually read your blog through Reader and this time I'm actually at your site.

Your kids are so cute! Love the costumes.

MommyNay said...

awww the babies don't look like babies at all anymore!

Tricia said...

I know- it's so sad... we still call them the babies though.

MommyNay said...

we do too and our babies are about to turn 3 and 4 next month.

Jody said...

I love it! Too fun.

I think I like the skeleton in the back the best. Cody was one this year. We all had so much fun. Looks like you did too!

Anonymous said...

i think the frog is croakingly cute