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Nov 16, 2008


Okay, what's with all the people standing at every street corner holding signs?

It seems every major intersection in town has people pacing back and forth holding or wearing signs.

Hot Pizza-$ 5.00!

Furniture Store Going Out of Business!

Department Store Liquidating- 40%-60% Off!

Homes For Sale! on a huge arrow pointing or twirling in circles, depending on whose holding it at the moment.

Some person dressed like a fruit (real actual piece of fruit) waving and jumping up and down- Come On In To My Deli!!!

Is this the new fad to get our attention? Real live human beings advertising?

What I find most disturbing about these folks, is that most of the ones I have seen look tattered and tired. One guy is always outfitted with a gas mask, seriously, hat, long pants (even in the sweltering 100˚ heat we get in the summer), and a long sleeve sweatshirt. I pass him the most frequently and I always wish I had a job to offer ,that would get him away from the smog that I assume he is protecting himself from...

And then I think- hey we could use some extra money- I bet I could get one of those jobs!


kel said...

some of them have come up with cool tricks with their boards

Tracey said...

It's illegal to post those little signs on the public areas, but people are allowed to stand there. Hence, the draw to just PAY someone to stand there, rather than pay the hefty fines for the signs that get stuck into the ground (just like the Yes on 8 signs...)

Tricia said...

Tracey- I had no idea- makes sense of course... just seems like they are everywhere these days.

Lunasea said...

They're called human directionals. My 6-yr-old has convinced his father to be one to promote his driveway paperclip sales.