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Nov 20, 2008


Here's another thing that is continuing to annoy me about the Twilight series- The main character, Bella, she's kinda stupid. Her character leaves out important pieces of information when talking to other characters... Sort of like when you are watching the creepy movie and you keep yelling at the woman who just walked in to the house and her lights won't work and she just keeps flicking on and off the switches as she walks further and further into the house to" turn around and get out of the house". I just want to tell Bella- "you forgot that... you need to tell him that..."

And then it is also mildly irritating the way she fawns over Edward's looks- he's so damn perfect. But I chalk it up to her characters age. Also, so far in book three- Edward won't 'let' Bella do some things . And, and, let's not forget that he is cold- I mean like body temp is below normal- she frequently describes him as icy. Sounds fun too cuddle with, huh?

So, so far we have a picture of a smart, but acting stupid, 17/18 year old girl who thinks her boyfriend is too good/handsome/perfect for her and is seemingly okay with the fact that he restrains her activities.


I'm still enjoying the read.

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Jody said...

I just saw the movie, and it really makes sense how Bella's character acts. It is totally a 17 thing.

I think the focus on his looks is simply her fascination and awe with the idea of perfection.....she is seeing him with human eyes, and humans are so very imperfect, so his perfection fascinates her. It is impossible, this perfection, but there it!