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Nov 13, 2008


A while back I read an online news article about a man dropping off his children at a local hospital in Nebraska. He had been recently widowed, and was at a loss about what to do with his kids. That's the last I heard of it- until tonight. Tonight I read another article that claims over 20 children have been legally abandoned at local Nebraska hospitals.

The main focus of tonight's story was about a woman who abandoned her 18 year old at the hospital. A young lady who had a history of mental disorders and who had been physically abused and then left alone with her, dead, biological mother for a week when she was a young girl. A young lady who had been adopted- I assume from the foster care system. A young lady who has now been "abandoned" twice, by her two mothers... a young lady with mental illness.

How does someone recover from that and move on? Is there any hope that this young lady will mature into a socially acceptable adult?? I wonder.

What goes with out mentioning is the serious problems that lie within the foster and adoptive care systems.

The adoptive mother claims she was unable to get help for daughter- And felt that this way the authorities would be forced to get the girl help. Nebraska refused to take custody of this young lady, since legally she is an adult. Where is she now? The article reports that the mother left with the daughter. I wonder how that is working out? You can read it for yourself here.

Nebraska is re-working their safe haven law to include the word infant. It is currently written as child.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

I just heard this story on NPR on the way to work this morning. Apparently the legislature couldn't decide what age the safe haven law should specify: 72 hours? 5 days? 30 days? So they left it out.

And the report said 30 children had been "dropped off", one as old as 17.

I can't even imagine the damage to a child who is dropped off like that.

Literally, can't imagine.

Tracey said...

Though is it better for them to remain in a home where the parents either don't care enough or AREN'T able to provide proper care for them? I don't know that the safe haven law should be changed so much as we need better relief available for parents who ARE trying to keep their families together, but can't get the support they need...

I cannot imagine the pain involved in a situation like that. For either the parent or the child...