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Nov 8, 2008

Got garlic?

It looks as though I will soon be delving in to the vampire world. A friend has agreed to lend them to me. Finally- no one wants to seem to let go of them.

Everywhere I go I hear women talking about the Twilight series books. Are they really that good? Some women seem to like the "soft porn" in the books others just love the story. I haven't even looked up what they are about or asked anyone really the story line is- I just can't escape the constant chatter about these damn books. The suspense is driving me nutty. Gotta read 'em.

We'll see how it goes.

8 is still in my head...


Nellie said...

I read a ton and there has never been a book that has sucked me in like Twilight. I get 2 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break at work and all I could think about on my breaks was READING! It was insane.

I an about 100 pages into the second book New Moon. This one has quite caught my attention likt the first one. But I hear book 3 and 4 are just as good as the first.


Nellie said...

Ok, I just re-read my comment. It was supposed to say that the 2nd book has NOT quite caught my attention like the first one.

Carmel said...

I just read the book on Thursday. Picked it up at 8pm just out of mild curiosity and couldn't put it down till 3am. Going to read the 2nd soon.

Profesora de espaƱol said...

I've read 1-4. I think 1 is definitely the best. The writing gets a bit sloppier and the story line a bit more ridiculous. You'll surely enjoy the first one though!

laurie said...

OK - my spouse bought book 1 today for my ten year old son. Starting to wonder if it's appropriate..(for him, not for you ;-)

And I am still thinking about 8, too. It's just wrong that it passed. It's also wrong that it was put to a vote at all. Human rights are accorded to all - no one has the right to choose to whom they apply.

Team Serrins Springfield said...

I'd say they're worth reading if someone loans them but I wouldn't actually buy them. I liked #1 and #4 the best. I found the protagonist and also her love interest pretty irritating and maddening until the last book.

Jody said...

Well, we will read them together then!

I just started the first one 2 nights ago. Let me know what you think. It has been a very long time since I have been captivated by a book, and so far I seem to be with Twilight.

Anonymous said...

I started reading Twilight...couldn't take how much she talks about how gorgeous,beautiful,etc....the Edward/win? is! had to put it down! ugh!