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Nov 12, 2008

Watch It


susan said...

Very powerful! Liked his take on it and how passionate he speaks. Thanks for posting it.

Allison said...

I'm delurking to say that this video had me truly crying by the end of it. Prop 8 has been on my mind since the second I first heard about it, and I haven't been able to shake it since the 4th. Prop 8 doesn't even come close to effecting my life personally. (I'm straight and live in NC) But I want you to know that my heart and prayers go out to you and your beautiful family, and all the other families in the same place as you and your partner. Be strong. And love those little ones. Fight harder for them. One day things will change, hopefully sooner rather than later.

quilted family said...

This is awesome. A reasoned but passionate argument. I was in tears. he said so many things that I have not been able to articulate. Thank you for sharing.

J. said...

I was so glad to see this video. Finally I have come across a voice of reason from the US. Best wishes to your family from Sweden. Thanks for sharing your blog thought with us.

Andi said...

I am also a "lurker", and I'm leaving this comment to totally agree with Allison in NC!! Prop 8 does not affect me personally, either (straight in GA), but my prayers go out to you and your family and everyone else who is impacted. Powerful video - thanks for sharing it.