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Nov 23, 2008


Yesterday, we traveled down the road a piece to gather at an old friend's house.

We see Laura and her girls from time to time, since she and her husband moved back to California. We talk on the phone. Most recently we have become facebook friends. We have know each other since we were seventeen years old. A lifetime ago. Laura and I lived on the same floor in the dorms at college. Who would have predicted that our friendship would have endured this many years. Not me. Not at 17, anyway. I have pictures in my head of those dorm days. Laughing, drinking, falling down, boyfriends (hers, not mine), vomiting, parties, talking, laughing...riding bikes, listening to her say hello to all the animals as she rode by, cooking meals- later when we each lived off campus- telling her I was in love with another woman, and then visiting each other after college. I can see a few different places she lived, feel the environment and the youth- the settling in time. She went to Africa with the Peace Corps- met her love, came home, married (always a bridesmaid...), started a family. Settling in all over again- different role, different time, mother, wife, friend.

With Michèle, I talk to her all the time, she lives a few states away. She was one of many Michelle's in highschool- she was the only one with and accent and single l- but in highschool all of the Michelle's went by their last name. I've never really called her anything else. We've know each other since we were 13! She was in the upper crust of highschool- one of the top clique. My first memory of her is her making fun of me sitting in front of my locker, reading a book- she even knocked it out of my hands. Bitch. Somehow at Halloween that freshman year we ended up hanging out in a large group with one another. As seniors, we were both in student council. Acquaintances, sure- friends...not good friends, certainly. Then we ended up at college together. She came a semester after me and lived a few floors up. I ran into her at parties- helped her back to the dorm one night with blood running down her knee. She ended up living with me and many others- during my Junior year of college. She was the first I told about falling in love with another woman, which she accepted with no judgement, she helped me get to a friends funeral. She forgave me for setting up her turntable when she didn't want anyone to touch it. She introduced me to Al Jarreau.

She and Laura lived together after we did. I guess I had a hand in that- introducing them to one another- although I don't remember that. Michèle left college and went on to pursue her Master's degree gaining confidence in herself along the way. She to met her love, moved on, started a family.

Amazing, now, to get together with these women and our families. To think back- to wonder ahead. To know that they will always be there for me, and I for them.

For it to be so easy to fall back into rhythm with each other, differently, but the same, briefly together.

I must add a picture- but have to find it first...

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