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Nov 2, 2008

Home Again

The good news is they all slept great in the hotel. The bad news is they weren't quite perfect-

I wrote a paragraph or two of all the mishaps- read it over again and then deleted it... I won't focus on the negative- let's just say, my expectations were higher...

Eight kids in the car for a five hour trip in the pouring rain- quick change in a hotel room, one covered in vomit and on to the wedding - full of family and a bunch of strangers.

Five hours of wedding activities including poking the large fire pit/bar-b-ques with long sticks, playing hide and seek, dancing, and eating, all in the pouring rain. The outside deck was covered with various tarps, but it was impossible for the kids to keep dry- all the water was way too alluring.

A return to the hotel room for a late bedtime, 10:00- one big 'ol tantrum- and up at 5:30 (we did turn the clocks back before we went to bed). Out to breakfast in a small town where it seemed that everyone there was a friend or family member and then back to the hall for some help cleaning up. A walk to see the old cabin and Auntie Michelle's house, and then back into the car for a five hour trip home- thankfully in dry weather.

In the end- they did fine- no catastrophes, just some hiccups.

It was a great wedding- a fun time. The ceremony was brief and perfect for them- fun to see some forgotten faces.

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Amy said...

8 kiddos and only one covered in vomit? I would think your expectations would be higher ratios of vomit to kids! Glad you got away - you're a better woman than I. I haven't packed up the kids and left since July. Not even for an overnighter. And I only have 2! Sounds like a great reason to pack up the fam and I am sure that you are glad to be home. See you soon.