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Nov 15, 2008


Somehow- I tweaked my back and last night it came to a roar. Right about 5:30 my flank area started spasming like crazy. It got to the point where I was unable to take a deep breath without it hurting, which caused me to take a sharp intake of breath.. crazy. It had been just a bothersome ache and suddenly I couldn't breathe and it was coming in waves- I started panicking and make Käri google my symptoms- I love Dr. Google- Kidney stones??? no nausea, no blood in the urine, no groin pain... I swallowed 4 Motrin in a hurry and made myself a stiff drink- natural muscle relaxant, right?

After a half hour I was much better- whoo-wee though, that was a killer. Today I've just stuck with 4 every 4 hours and it's kept the pain and spasms at bay.

I've started doing childcare for an 8 week old, and he's a sling boy... I'm hoping it's not the sling...

Käri went to a baby shower this morning and I didn't want to chance my back getting all crazy so we did not go to the 8 rally in town. I was bummed about that...

I did hear about another event. It's called Day without a Gay. Everyone can join in the fun of calling in Gay to work, school, whatever, and then, if they are so inclined, to donate their time to service. You can see the link here.

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog! We're actually not trying this month, we're off for three months due to travel to the South over the summer. I suppose feeling like we're not doing anything leads us to looking for something to do!
Sorry to hear about your back. I tweaked mine about three weeks ago and it's just now getting back to normal!