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Oct 28, 2008

From the backseat

As I mentioned earlier, my oldest son and I were talking politics on the way in to school today. Included in that discussion was the fact that I know of people who are not voting for Obama purely based on the fact that he is black.

Abe- "Mama, when I grow up are other grown ups going to boss me around?"

Me- 'Well, if you work somewhere, you'll probably have a boss that will tell you what to do..."

Abe- "No, I mean because my skin is dark. Will people boss me around because I have dark skin?"

Me- Swallow- "No Abe, like slaves is that what you mean? No, that doesn't happen anymore, everyone respects everyone else no matter what they look like"

Abe- "Oh, right 'cuz Abraham Lincoln fixed it and his name is the same as mine"

Me- "Right..."


Tracey said...

Dang. Not something any child should have to worry about...

Anonymous said...

that is crazy! and amazing. And I just want to cry now.