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Oct 3, 2008

Questions for the Dyke

Stolen from Kathryn...

Are you sure of your sexual orientation? Or are you confused? Not confused. But for the record, I'm still attracted to men in a 'I wouldn't kick his shoes out from under my bed' kind of way.

Are you open with your sexuality? Or is it a secret? I'm out, mostly, but not completely- entirely. I'm careful around strangers, sometimes parents at school- often leaving out pronouns or referring to 'my family', omitting direct references to Käri and/or her gender.

Who was the 1st person you told that you’re a lesbian? My straight friend/roommate from high school/college as I lay in a heap unable to eat. She surprised me by accepting it without hesitation. In fact I believe she said something along the lines of - okay, so now what....

Is your hair short, medium, or long? Short. I've tried slightly long, but cannot stand it.

Would you ever shave your head? Yes, but it would be ugly.

Do you own anything with the Gay Rainbow on it? Yes- stickers on the car.

Do you consider yourself a Stud, Androgynous, or Femme? Not a Femme, not a Stud, not Androgynous... No makeup, men's shorts, pink floral shirt, and Keens...hmmm...

What type of females are you most attracted to? Butch, but Käri is anything but, and I love all her curves.

What FAMOUS Lesbian is your favorite? Rosie O'Donnell

Do you like watching The L Word? Yes.

What is your favorite lesbian movie? Can't remember any of the few I've seen.

Do you have any Pride tattoos? If not, would you ever get one? No- maybe.

Do you go to Gay/Lesbian clubs? No. There aren't any where I live. Although I would love to hangout in a Gay/Lesbian coffee shop/bar/bookstore/dinner house...

Would you ever be a Drag King? (If you’re not already) Yeah, I don't think so.

What name would you go by if you did do Drag? Would that be a boys name or girls??? Probably my alter ego Trixie or maybe Molly.

Have you ever been mistaken for a Male? Since I was a kid- many times.

Would you ever have a sex change to become a Male? No.

How do you feel about Homophobia? Ridiculous, fear driven, ignorance.

How do you feel about Gays/Lesbians having children? Let's see... :) If they want 'em and are ready for the challenge- Go!

If it were legal, would you marry another Female? We did it once already and will do it again on our 20th anniversary this month!

Have you ever attended a Gay Pride Festival? Oh yes- such affirmation.

Do you wear make-up? Nope.

Do you carry a wallet - or a purse? Leather backpack, but I tend to leave it in the car a lot and just carry my wallet if I'm going to need it or just money and cards in my pocket.

Do you wear Male clothes? I love men's clothes- always have. Unfortunately, my ass is too big for most of the pants- and pink is my favorite color to wear.

Do you prefer wearing cologne instead of perfume. Neither.

Do you have several piercings & tattoos? I guess, one tat and three holes in my ears.

Do you have a crush on a female celebrity, if so, who? I love Whoopi.

Do you have more Gay/Lesbian/Bi friends than you do Straight friends? Almost all straight.

Have you ever been gay bashed? Not that I am aware of.

Did anyone stop having contact with you after you came out of the closet? No.

What is your favorite gay/lesbian quote? Can't say that I have one- although I do like the "There's more of us than you think".

Do you believe you were born a lesbian? I think so, yes.

Are you proud? Or ashamed of your sexuality? Proud, never ashamed. Careful sometimes, but never ashamed.


thorn said...

Thanks for posting your answers. I stole the questions from you.

Tracey said...

And now I know a bit more about you...

I'm happy for you that it sounds like you've had some supportive people around you. I had a friend in high school whose family was the typical Catholic disgrace attitude. He paid a serious price for their inability to deal with who he was...

Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Always honest. Always you.

Miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi. Planning to add you to my blog roll.

Momma to LG said...

Such good questions and great answers!

Carmel said...

I just found you blog and did a bit of archiving. I really enjoy reading about your family!

Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

10/10/08 - Love you!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post.


P.S. Love your kids' faces too!