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Okay? Okay.

Nov 14, 2007


Go, go go, let's go, let's go, time for school!

Walk in 6th, 1st, Preschool... let's get home the oven repair person is coming!

Snack, wait a minute, I gotta pay bills, oops, what, oh... come on in, it won't light, bake doesn't work, oh, you fixed it last time, oh, a check? sure. lunch, we gotta go, time to pick up/drop off. bottle? milk? snacks? let's go!

Shit, late, call mommy on the cell- no answer, call mommy in the classroom- no answer, call mommy's teaching partner- no answer, damn...call preschool, please send the twins with C's mommy- Thank you!

We're here! Back in the stroller, let's go Jack- time for kindergarten... where are the twins?? Oh, thanks C's mom! Oh, a check? for the girl scout nuts, right. Sure. Good day Abe and Mia? Let's go bring Jack to kindergarten, pumpkin pie for today? no, Friday. Whew. Allright, let's go say hi to mommy. Oh, grandma. Hi, working in kindergarten? right, okay, have fun. Let's go! Dentist appointment in 40 minutes! Load up, let's go.

Lunch? Let's split some fries. Babies asleep, no? No nap? Yeesh... all done? time for the dentist. let's go. All four at once? Ruby, not Julia? They need to be together, they're only 21 months. Oh, okay. In a room, don't touch... Mia, wait here, she'll cal your name- you'll be right next to Abe. Open your mouth, honey, good job Mia, way to go Abe. Oh, good job guys, you're doing great. Initial here, here, here, and here. A check? sure. Let's go, back to school, oh wait, pet store for crickets for mommy's first grade frogs. All right, now let's go, we' have to pick up Grace, Gus and Jack. Load up.

Back to school. Everybody out. Babies are finally asleep...15 minute nap, at 3???? Let's go. Shhh... let's try not to wake up the babies... Mia, you okay?, ouch, shhh... damn, that woke up the babies. Big sigh... okay...collect Grace and Gus, collect Jack- Leo's staying after for a little help with fractions. Let's go, load up.

And we're home, garbage cans are in front of the driveway, not where I left them, thank you garbage collector. Everybody out, I'll move the cans back to the yard, Mia, careful, don't let the dog...out. Okay, it's okay, just go get her. Cans are in, dog's still out. Mia, just go get her, it's okay. I'll stay out with you for a few minutes while I clean up the leaves that are all over the street from the leaf collector. good, okay, put the dog in the house, Ruby out of the street! Let's go in the house, I need to cook dinner.

Dinner? dinner??...hmmm...dinner? defrost some ground turkey, start some rice, cornmeal, do we have cornmeal? everybody out of the kitchen!!! Chili, cornbread, rice, done. Mommy and Leo are home, yay! Grace set the table. dinner!, no, please wait until we all sit down,... no not yet, wait until everyone sits down... NO, not yet! Wait until mommy sits down. Okay, eat. More milk, more chili please, more honey bread, honey, more chili, more milk, more... sure, clear your milk cup, wash up. Abe and Mia get ready for bed...

Leo, piano, homework!, stop messing around guys, Mia, Abe ready for bed. Leo, Gus, Jack, quiet! Jack, homework, Grace and Gus homework- let's go! Babies off the table! Goodnight, Abe and Mia. Angels on your pillow! Love you.

2 down.

Jack, finished with that? time to get ready for bed, pajamas, story? Grace, Gus, stories? pajamas? babies, pajamas. Night, Jack, angels on your pillow, love you. homework folder in your basket, Grace and Gus? Ruby, say good night, kisses. Night, night, Ruby, angels on your pillow. Shhhh....shhhh, love you... Grace and Gus time for bed. Leo finished? piano too? time for a shower... Night, Grace and Gus, angels on your pillows, love you. All right Juj, your turn, say goodnight to mommy, kisses,
bottle, b.c., rocking... rocking...and down she goes. Night, Juj, angels on your pillow, love you. All done with the shower, Leo? All right bud, time for bed. Angels on your pillow, night babe, sleep well, love you.


LeLo in NoPo said...


I'm totally in awe.

Stacy said...

Thanks for giving me the perspective I needed this morning.

You are truly amazing.

Tracey said...

Heh. heh.... I'm totally twitching over here...