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Nov 8, 2007

Long Explanation

On they way to school in our essentially surburban'ish town we passed a vacant field. There was a heavy mist lying over the entire field even though the roads were fog free and the sun was out. The kids started asking questions about this phenomenon- very perplexed, and I tried to explain about the moisture collecting in the field. How the earth was warming in the morning sun after a cold night and how it eventually turns to rain after evaporating...

There was a pause after my explanation.

Then Mia chimes in "Oh, I just thought it was a dying cloud".

Much better.


domi2.5 said...

That's just beautiful. :)
What was your reply to that?

Sheesha said...

Huh....Your response seems so technical. I think I like Mia's better! Love it actually...

Tricia said...

I loved her explanation too. I believe I said 'that sounds much better'. I just loved the visual.