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Nov 6, 2007

Maybe closer to famous

I'm actually related by blood this time!

My cousin once removed, or is it my second cousin??? I can never remember. The boy in the dark green striped shirt- he is my cousin's son. He was just here a couple of weekends ago playing with all his cousins. His mom and I grew up together- she is much more like a sister.

The comments, most of them, make me very sad. I know, for my cousin, that her son was recruited to be an actor/model because not only is he darn cute, but very personable and sweet. He has never had to be bribed, cajoled, or pampered in any way in order to "perform". He is a very normal kid expressing a normal five year old imagination.

Yeesh, people!

edited to add
: I just realized that the way U-tube is embedded on the blog, you don't access the comments and that is a good thing. Although, I do then feel compelled to say that many comments on this video are from people who do not have children, hate children, or do not know children! Oh, and this is an add for Google- maybe they are coming out with a phone????

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A said...

So cute! I'd be proud to be his cousin...removed...seconded...

And for the record, Google is coming out with a phone operating system, hoping to sell it to phone distributors. A match for WindowsMobile and Apple's new iPhone.