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Nov 15, 2007

Dear Birth Mom

Abe and Mia were writing at the table. Scraps of paper, old pieces of stationery, pens and pencils. And without warning they asked me to write letters...

Dear Birth Mom,
It's Mia. I'm five. I love you. I've been missing you for a long time. I'm a big kid now and I've made a fort. I have a little dog and maybe you could come someday when you get bigger. You should remember me, because I'm the little baby from your tummy. And I was in your tummy a long, long time ago. You should remember me because I was in your tummy a long, long time ago. And i have Ruby and Julia and they are my little babies. I have a basket that has a lot of papers in it and I have a mom that's named mommy and mama. I love you so and you are old. Tell me where's your house? what's your phone number? You should tell me what color is your house? I'm in preschool in the Funny Frogs.



Dear Birth Mom,
I love you_____ because I know I was in your tummy a long, long time ago. I miss you very much. For a long I was in your tummy and I know that I miss you. My moms are named mommy and mama and they're my moms now. I have a new house, I just moved. I used to be in Lucky Ladybugs, but now I'm in Funny Frogs.l I used to not have a puppy, but I have a puppy named Dixie, now. I grown up and I want to be a mailman when I grow up, even a daddy. It was just Halloween. Did you sure have some candy to give to people? I'm not a baby anymore. Julia and Ruby are babies now. They're my babies. My sister, Mia, is bigger than me. I went to the dentist yesterday.



I told them we'd keep them until we knew where their birth mom was...


gwendomama said...

holyhell you sure will! wow that is some lovely prose and train of focus for 5yr olds. nice job, mama.

Bacchus said...

how heartfelt and touching the writing is. It must have been very emotional that you could share this with them.

I know one day Little Man will write letters like this. Right now we have pictures and phone calls.

Tracey said...

Holy cow, those were sweet...

Tricia said...

They were very normal about the whole thing- like writing to their favorite aunt or making a list. They do not have any contact with their birth mother by her choice.

nailgirl said...


TruLove said...

Heartbreaking. Abe and Mia are truly blessed to have Momma and Mommy to love them.

Teresa Thompson said...

I wonder if my children wrote letters like that when they were five. I miss them to this day. It's been 15 years and my heart is still broke. When will this pain end?
I know your babes are blessed and happy with their momma and mommy.

Tricia said...


I don't think it ends- the pain, the loss.

And the love, the fierce love that you have for them.