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Nov 11, 2007

4 Things

Tagged from Cole.

4 Jobs I’ve Had

~ scooper, Baskin Robbins

~ cashier, Marine World Africa USA (when it was in Redwood City)

~ sandwich maker and barista (before they were called barista's)

~ social worker/case manager/therapist for severely emotionally disturbed kids in a residential treatment center.

4 Movies I Love

~ It's a Wonderful Life

~ The Goodbye Girl

~ Fried Green Tomatoes

~ Grease

4 TV Shows I Watch

~ Brothers and Sisters

~ M*A*S*H (so, it's in repeats...)

~ Food Network (anything that's on)

~ Ellen

4 Places I’ve Been

~ Dublin, Ireland

~ Boulder, Colorado

~ Reno, NV

~ Disneyland

4 Websites I Visit Daily


Lelo in Nopo


State of Grace

4 Foods I Love

~ ice cream

~ butter

~ garlic bread

~ tri-tip

4 Places I’d Rather Be

~ Bainbridge Island

~ Mexico

~ In the Sun

~ In a plush hotel with Kär without the kids

4 Blogs, just cuz

~ Mocha Momma

~ Gwendomama

~ And Baby Makes 6!

~ Under Construction

It's a Meme, but I'll be resisting the urge to tag. Feel free to take it on, if you want.


Mocha said...

Dude. You named me. I'm named

Plush hotel sounds great right now. Also, yes, without kids. And with a large bottle of Ketel One and a bubble bath.

cole said...

You, are a sport.

AND I loooooooovvvvveeee the Goodbye Girl. I totally dreamed I was Quinn Cummings. Oh. I love that movie. I wanted Richard Dryfus to be my dad too. So funny. Sooooo funny. And sad. And awesome.


gwendomama said...

i feel speshul.