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Nov 13, 2007

Insane Asylum

The kids were were not living up to my expectations in the morning. Forgetting their coats, jumping over each other in the rush to get out of the van, pummeling one another to get out of the way...

So I go into Mom mode and start ranting about how they are making me insane, driving me crazy, not pissy, just annoyed and frustrated. One of the little muffins pipes up with "what's an insane asylum?" I explain that it's like a big house, with a bunch of crazy people in it... I glance in the van, looking at all those eager faces, wacky, hyped up, forgetful, children and realized, I already live in one!



Bacchus said...

This is very funny but are you an inmate or the warden? LOL

Tricia said...

I'm an inmate, but i believe I'm the warden, sometimes...