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Nov 2, 2007

Follow Up Appointment

We are lucky to live in a small enough town that we occasionally run in to people we know in places where it pays to know someone- like the ER. Such was the case the night Gus went in for stitches. The nurse who took care of him happened to be a dad at our school. At discharge, our nurse gave us a little to go kit for removing the stitches. He offered to remove the stitches in the nurses office at school instead of having to wait in the ER or make an appointment with our pediatrician. Swell! Twelve days came and went and we missed our nurse in the parking lot.

What's a mother to do??

Pull out her medical license, I say.


Clare said...

You are braver than I in so many ways. My hat is off to you.

Stacy said...

You ROCK my friend...meanwhile, my little Avery wouldn't let me change out the earrings in her ears!

Sephyroth said...

I'm stopping by on my way to commenting on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible.

You can find more information about the commenting challenge and join the group here. :)

I gotta agree with Clare - you have a ton of bravery to take out stitches on your own. :)

Me? If I were in the same spot, I'd probably be able to do it, I'd just have to look away while doing it... ;)


FosterAbba said...

Yeah, good for you! I would have done the same thing... In fact, I would be likely to pick out my own stitches, if I had them.

Anonymous said...

I pull out my own stitches all the time. Why go to the doctor for something like that? The only times I have had difficulty were stitches on my face and upper chest. Kind of harder to pull them out while looking in the mirror.

I never used a kit though...