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Nov 28, 2007

So close now

I'm so tired tonight that I'd be in bed, but I had to wait for my turn with the computer so I could blog... It's not even 8:30. All but Leo in bed. We're watching 'Shrek the Halls' They are hysterical...

Today is day five of high fever's for Abe. He had a rash on his chest and belly and then yesterday he broke out all around his mouth, in what looked like little pimples, what the hell? Today we went to the Dr, finally. Of course he has an ear infection. He never complains of ear pain, I think, due to his 11 months with his birth mother. Oh, I haven't told their story yet, have I??? Well, too tired tonight. Someday, it will come... And the little pimples? Impetigo. Lovely.

On the plus side, I had dinner made by 2:00 this afternoon thanks to a recipe from City Mama. I had to e-mail her in the middle of it for clarification. Thankfully, she got back to me in like 4 minutes and dinner was a success, at least for Käri and me. My kids ate tortilla chips... Oh well.

I'm having trouble thinking of seven weird things about me...

#2 I haven't shaved my pits for about 20 years- it hurts, so I refuse, period. It's not the whole lesbian thing, although that probably plays a part, but that's like another whole post or maybe novel... and I only shave my legs in warm weather, so there, and goodnight. It's 8:44.


nailgirl said...

Dinner made at 2 pm wow good for you. As for the not shaving the pits thing eww and eww. But it's cool no judgement here really:)
Cant wait to hear the rest of your story. To be continued.....

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

7 of 8 kids asleep is pretty impressive. So impressive, I felt compelled to give you an award for it! Check it out: