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Nov 5, 2007

Silly and Extra Silly

The twins are in this space where they get into a really silly space. They laugh and giggle and laugh and yell and bump into each other, physically getting into each others space. They wrestle and show their tongues to one another and laugh and chortle and yell...and scream...and laugh...AND IT DRIVES ME INSANE!

Mostly, because they do all this while they are eating lunch or on the floor of the living room. I like some silly, but they are having a hard time distinguishing between a little and way over the top. I send them outside or upstairs and that helps, but not always. Meal time ends early for them sometimes, because they just can't stop. It's obvious they enjoy each other and for that, of course, I am grateful.

It's just that I feel so cruel ending their good times, limiting the laughter. No one usually gets hurt and they appear to be in such a happy place. For me, not so much.

Limits, boundaries, acceptable vs. non acceptable behavior, how to rein it in- oy. I know it will change and I'll miss it...someday, just not today or, I'm thinking, anytime soon.


Samantha said...

When dealing with behavior in children that I find obnoxious I always ask myself "Is this a ME problem or a THEM problem?" A "them" problem is if they are doing something that is dangerous, mean or hurtful in some way. Usually it's me, and I just have to let it go.

Tricia said...

I would agree. It's certainly not harmful to anyone, but isn't it my job to teach them table/house manners... this behavior would certainly never be acceptable at a friends house or restaurant- even Chuck-e-you know who's.

It's like not jumping off the couch, you know?

elena jane said...

i have a hard time with this too....how much is too much. should i let them run around safely and just BE. but when i need to cook dinner or help a bigger one with homework, it just doesn't work (at least for me). but then the house gets quiet and i MISS the noise!! ;-)