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Nov 26, 2007


We're at the gas station. I finish filling up the colossal beast and get back in the van.

Abe frantically asks: "Mama, Mama... how do you fall in canimal poop?"

Me: "Uh, canimal poop...???"

Abe: "Yeah, canimal poop."

I look around looking for clues as to what the hell he is talking about. Searching, searching...

Me: "Animal poop?"

Abe: "No, no, a canimal, canimal poop, it has a bumpy thing on it!"

Ah, finally I spot the ad for Camel cigarettes on the station door.

Me: "Abe, do you mean a camel?"

Abe: "Yeah, yeah!"

Still, I'm at a loss- how do I fall into camel poop?? What the???

Me: "I suppose you wander around the dessert and accidentally fall..."

Abe: "Ohhhh."

Glad I could solve that puzzle for him.

Routines are how we live in this house. Example?

Abe and Mia have always slept a lot. They get easily over stimulated, change is hard... Sleep is very important for them in particular. Generally, we eat dinner at 5:30, each of the kids clears their own plate, and then Abe and Mia get into pajamas. They are in bed between 6:15 and 6:45 at the latest.

Tonight, Leo had to be at theater practice at 5, finish homework before he left, and eat dinner. On the way home from school at 4:15 (homework complete) Käri took the four oldest (the four youngest were home with me) through 'In and Out' for a quick dinner on the way to theater. They were done by 4:45. Jack sighs deeply "Oh, Mommy my stomach is so full, I am stuffed... Is it time for Abe and Mia to go to bed now?"

Routine, Routine, Routine...

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K J and the kids said...

I've always wondered HOW DO YOU FALL IN CAMEL POOP ?
Thanks ! :)