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Nov 12, 2007

The Jaws of Life

This is the way he returned home after a sleepover... "I tried running it under really hot water for like 15-20 minutes" He had it on his finger for over an hour before he arrived home. And, no mention from the parent in charge. Uh, hello? Would like to know, in the future, when my kid gets a digit stuck in a toy for more than a few minutes, thanks. To sound completely sexist, dad was in charge, mom was out. Leo was not a happy boy. We, of course, laughed. I mean really, how the hell do get a plastic toy blaster gun stuck on to your entire finger???

I may have even said at one point 'good thing it's not your penis'!

Up close and personal!

Most of it's gone...


Just add firefighter certificate right next to the medical license.


Tracey said...

Holy crap, I'd have been pissed that the parent wasn't apologizing left and right. Not that it was the dad's fault, but it's just what you do when a kid in your charge gets hurt! He could have had serious damage to his finger!! Grrr....

elena jane said...

WOW, that was on there pretty tight. and, um, yeah, a word from the dad might have been good....lol!
glad it came off (it did, right??). how's his finger??

Tricia said...

Dad's a good guy. I thought it was odd he didn't even walk him into the house and say something- no apology needed- just a "hey, your son is a dork' would've been nice.

His finger is a bit sore and red, but all is well. Forgot to post that picture...oops.