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Mar 18, 2008

Too Cold

My kids are nut jobs...

Yesterday, it was a high of 70. The pool is about 50 degrees... I kept telling them it was too cold- then I caved. I figured they would be in and out in 3.5 seconds and then they would stop asking me. They were in and out for about 10 minutes.

Nuts, I tell ya! They did take hot showers afterwards... And NO, we did not let Julia have a turn, no matter how much she tried to undress herself.... And today? Today, they went in again. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

Can you hear Grace, right at the end???


Tracey said...

Your kids ARE nuts! That was a cute video, though. She sure was having fun!

elena jane said...

cute video indeed....and fun in the pool....mine would have gone in too...and our high is barely 40F ;-)

MommyNay said...

oh how fun! great video!

Denise said...

Just poppin in to say hi. I thought that you quit blogging. The url that was in my blog roll didn't show any entries past Nov 30! Anyway Glad that I lnked to you again through Gewndomama. I need to go back now and catch up.

Tricia said...

I'm still here!