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Mar 30, 2008

Table Manners

I know she's only five (and a half), but her manners at the table are atrocious.

She chews with her mouth open, shoves food quickly into her mouth, talks with her mouth full, asks for more food when she still has food on her plate, says "I want some" when she doesn't even know what I'm getting more of for someone else, slurps, gulps, chews fast, falls of her chair, grabs food when it is offered to her, and always wants more, more, more.

It disgusts me.

We've tried three strikes and you're done and I think it's marginally better. I can't stand to watch her eat. It's so bad. I know the looks I give her. I shouldn't, I know it.

I need to be more positive, praise her when I catch her chewing with her mouth closed. I try, I swear, but I need to try harder.

It's not like I am the perfect role model. And that every meal at the house is an orderly affair- far from it. But the others don't engage in these terrible habits at each meal.

Perhaps it's time for some princess tea parties where only the best manners are allowed or something...


mijk said...

if she uses cutlery it is a step better then our son.. He has trouble with his fine motorskills but even so.. We printed a card with tablemaners we agreed on and it stands (laminated) next to him on th etable. We don't talk aobut it much more but re reading the rules does seem to help somehow.. He at least is trying now..


Anonymous said...
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Denise said...

that is a tough one. My kids seem ok in that aspect, but my 4 year old girl interupts without saying excuse me. Drives me insane in the membrane. Mama mama mama arghhhh. I agree about the tea party thing try that. Maybe once she is excluded from it she will be better. Other wise reminding her to have good manners before she eats. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to admit that your kid does something that may seem SO innocuous (sp?)to some, makes you crazy! My almost 5 year old leans on me if we sit next to each other when we eat. It makes me CRAAAAZAY! I straighten her out, she leans, on and on and on!!!!! Oh. And how do they know to stop exactly where you're walking when you can't stop? Why do they always get in your path? Argh!!!!!