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Mar 8, 2008

Last minute

Almost forgot, Nablopomo March and all... Going out tonight to the event of the year- at least the event of the year in our school. Major fundraiser dinner event tonight. It started at 5:30, but we have to get the girls down before we go or Julia will scream for hours and eventually Leo will have to put her down on the couch and slither out from under her like 3 hours past her bedtime- You know, I'm just guessin'.

It's 6:09 and I'm still in jeans and a t-shirt- wouldn't want the girls to suspect- and they only had a short nap- so they are going down in a few minutes (usually 7). Then I'll throw on some fancy dud's- hope they still fit- and off we'll go. Dinner and a babysitter- Yeehaw! Thanks Grandma.

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