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Mar 19, 2008

A little fun and a little serious

Just some fooling around with Auntie Monica's new Macbook Pro- WOW! Leo was having a blast.

On our way down to Oakland we saw numerous lighted traffic signs- the kind on the side of the road that warn of traffic ahead, beware of whatever... And instead of traffic news there was this announcement.

Child abducted. Black Honda. Left white door.

Is this normal? Apparently I really do live in the sticks. I had no idea they did this. We couldn't decide if it had just happened or.... I kept looking at cars to see if it was a black Honda with a left white door. Is it part of the Amber Alert system? Interesting to explain this to Leo- no one else noticed or read the sign. We haven't encountered this particular issue ever before.

Just looked- it is a part of the Amber Alert - California Boy. Scary.

Tomorrow- the zoo!

edited to add: the real story
thanks fostermommy


MommyNay said...

yes amber alert. sadly we see those all the time around here :( where do you live anyway?

Denise said...

Definetley part of the Amber alert. I live in Northern Ca and we have seen these before.

Tracey said...

We have them in Illinois. I think it's fabulous. I remember one alert when I was driving, and I kept looking for that red car everywhere...

FosterMommy said...

Seems that this kiddo wasn't actually abducted. An accident and a scared playmate. Very sad.

Anita Ann said...

Yes, it is part of the system. As just as the previous poster posted, it was actually not an abduction.

MommyNay said...

WHY would a kid make something up like that when his friend was buried underground? It makes NO SENSE to me....I remember being a child and at that age if something like that happen I don't remember having the ability to make anything else up--THAT is a big enough story in its self?!?! How does stuff like this happen???????????