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Mar 6, 2008

New Recipe

So excited to share a new recipe- I even took pictures. I was making the kids lunch- yes, we eat lunch around 10:45, because we leave for kindergarten about 11:15- and I discovered this recipe.

Mmmmmm, good!

Right off the knife, see the teeth marks?

This is what happens when the Cheerios are still on the counter from breakfast and the kids want PB&J for lunch. And mama has to eat to, but can't sit down.

Just in case you need the recipe...

1 1/2 tsp peanut butter Go for the gusto and use Skippy- I did
1 tsp jam I used marionbery jam from the restaurant supply store (it has three different types of sugar in it)
One generous sprinkling of cheerios sprinkled on top

Directions: Insert knife into peanut butter jar. This is important it has to be the peanut butter first. Remove knife from peanut butter jar and insert into jelly jar- be careful to gently scoop the jelly onto the knife so as not to disturb the peanut butter already on the knife. You don't want to end up with peanut butter in the jelly jar, because that's gross. Lay knife on the counter, once jelly is in place, and liberally douse with cheerios lifted right out of the box with your hands- cuz that's not gross. Place knife in mouth flat side on tongue- also very important, the sharp edge should not cut the tongue this way- and scrape with teeth, pulling the knife out of mouth. Repeat as many times as necessary to fill you belly (and scare away the coffee jitters in there because you didn't quite get around to eating breakfast with your super mondo caffeinated beverage this morning)

To finish? Leave mess on counter because instead of cleaning up it is way more important to take pictures and create a blog post immediately. The mess will be there when you get back home from kindergarten, unless the dogs take care of it for you...in which case, voila, no mess to clean up.


R and J said...

Wow! That looks yummy!!

MommyNay said...

HAHAHAHA! Your a ROCK star Mama! *grin* That is definitely one to pass down through the generations...

Sheesha said...

Hardy, Har, Har! You are funny - such a mom post.....Scary knife for the mouth though!

rae said...

is that mayo under the peanut butter or is that cream cheese?

*falling over laughing*