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Mar 31, 2008

Alone Time

I am surrounded by people everywhere I go. My house is full even when everyone is asleep. Lots of noise, movement, activity.

I get out to run errands by myself- the grocery store, clothes shopping, Costco, and that's nice. Really, it is. I go out to dinner with or with out Käri- just the grownups- and I thoroughly enjoy that. Lingering over meals, grown up conversation.

Occasionally, like tonight, I go to a doctors appointment by myself. (Yet, another sinus infection) Other than being in the car by myself there are always people. The receptionist, doctor, nurse, other patients...

Yesterday, I took the dogs for a walk.


In the sun. I walked, they went running through the field.



M.KATE said...

i know how it feels, when i am alone i miss the kids so much, but when i am with them, the noise drive me crazy at times, hope you get better soon :)

Jody said...

fAlone time is a must. Homeschooling is teaching me that.

Sounds like a lovely walk.

Bacchus said...

I definitely enjoy my away time but usually can't wait to get home too.

My sinuses have been acting up just recently. Do you use a sinurinse? I've found it helps a lot, no antibiotics in 3 years. My Dr. actually recommended it.

Get better soon!

Vikki said...

Sometimes, I feel that I appreciate my freedom/free time more now that it is scarce. I really took all the time I had before kids for granted.