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Mar 17, 2008

Lucky Morning

In which Lucky drops in for a St Patrick's day surprise and I respond to a dare. A photo essay, of sorts.

Not to worry, I'll save the best for last.

Dragged out of bed, against my will, to see what Lucky left. There it is, first thing in the morning, in all its glory.

Dare done!

There's a list of folks- you can see them here. Thanks G. I always accept a dare- well, almost always.


Tracey said...

Oh! I had to laugh, after seeing all of those happy faces eating the green goo, and then you, with your grimace! :) Mornin!

Great St. Patty stuff.

Anita Ann said...

What great St. Patty stuff.

Jody said...


How fun....well accept the dragged out of bed part!

MommyNay said...

How fun! I honestly forgot it was St. Patty's day atall....ooooops

stork&mondrian said...

That's such a cute idea. Can I steal it from you for when I have kids?

Tricia said...

Feel free to steal away...