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Mar 3, 2008

Dinner List for this Week

Tonight: Hot Dogs, tater tots (what, it's a vegetable) and baked beans

Tuesday: Spaghetti night, with steak (found heavily discounted last week, frozen and thawed for tomorrow) because Jack won't eat noodles (what kid doesn't like noodles?) My kids love Spaghetti night. K and I, not so much.

Wednesday: Pizza- compliments of our foster care trainers, who are sponsoring a skate and pizza night at the local skating rink. There have been others, but we always decline since it happens from 6-8 PM- our kids start going to bed at 6:15, but we are throwing caution to the wind and giving it a try. It's all about the free dinner for me and the kids will probably like it too.

Thursday: Mexican night- tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas
Cheap and easy.

Friday: Supposed to be breakfast for dinner night, I'm thinking, homemade waffles and bacon.

Saturday: Mexican Butter Bean Soup and Bread (the kids will only eat the bread- we will get some more at the farmers market in the morning

Sunday: Something with leftovers so Käri has lunches for the week.


MommyNay said...

I always hear ppl say mexian food nights are cheap and easy--what am I missing? Taco night at our house ALWAYS winds up being an expensive dinner...maybe its because I dont make my own tortillas? Because it takes 2-3lbs of ground beef(at 5$ per pound?) The cheese? The sour cream? It adds up fast... I love tacos however...so in our house Tuesday is taco night. But only because The Del Taco by our house sells them 3 for a dollar! mmmmm homemade tacos sound so good though...can we come over for dinner?

Tricia said...

Holy cow (get it?) that's a lot of beef. I only make 1-1 1/2 pounds of beef and just throw in a package of taco seasoning. Most of my kids only want beans and cheese. I guess the cheese is expensive...

Bacchus said...

Tacos were something we always had on a budget growing up. It was a treat and being in the midwest it was served with french fries!

Who says tater tots aren't a vegetable? Have they never had tater tot casserole?

I'm ready for mexican night. Hmmm maybe that's what we'll have tonight. We live near the Latin district and I still like to make my own tacos. Theirs are great but there is something about frying them up at home.

Sheesha said...

What no Tater Tot Casserole on the menu......? Cheap and Easy! Add ketchup and you really have your vegetable count!

Anonymous said...

i think chechen strips will be a very good meal !!!!!!!!!!!1

Allie said...

you haven't updated in a while.. :/
i'm not a mother. but i live with my boyfriend, his dad, his brother, his brother's girlfriend, and their two kids. so there're seven of us. not quite ten, but hard enough to feed. i've taken it upon myself to keep this place a "home" rather than just a house.
so reading how you keep it all together has been veeerrry useful.
please update!!! :)