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Mar 15, 2008

My Turn To Ask

The Great Interview Experiment. It's not too late to join!

The answers are provided from Sarah. You can find her at Tea Tree and Rest.

#1. In you second post you write about blogging the "truth". Can you talk about that and how that is for you now?

It's a reminder to go deeper and further than my initial impressions. I ask myself what the truth is about a situation. For example, I posted recently about my daughter eating broccoli. I had to ask myself why that mattered. What's the truth here? So I included some details that showed my fear and worry about her feeding issues. Without asking myself the question it wouldn't be more than an anecdote with no real meaning.

#2. What are some of your favorite posts by other bloggers? and Why?

One of the reasons I'm a reader is because I crave connection. I also need story to give form to my own experiences. Jon Armstrong blogged about living with his wife, Heather's, depression. In his post he wrote about accepting that Heather can't be there for him the way he sometimes needs her to be. And how he has to speak loudly to get her attention. That's a good description of some of my experience with my husband. David has bipolar with predominate depression. I fell for Hannah at haeshu.blogspot.com in one of her early posts about her son, Elliot, letting her hold his soft sweet hand all the way home. When I read that post Lula was young enough that she only held on in reflex around my finger. It was like a glimpse into how our relationship will probably evolve into something separate enough that her holding my hand will be a rare treat, an honor.

#3. Tell me a little bit about your ADHD.

It's really annoying. It's just so distracting. My mind works really quickly and I'm forever trying to slow down and finish things. That's why I'm so obsessed with clarity. Why I love yoga and meditation. Why I wanted to try veganism as a way to clear my brain up a bit. I just get so fuzzy. I know most Americans have deficits in attention. And sometimes I feel like a joke when I mention my ADHD but it's real stuff. It's become a joke in our house when I'm in the middle of a conversation and turn it into something random like our plumbing situation. I'm sorry, I'll say, I lost focus. Understatement of the year.

#4. You write about Christianity and Religion off and on. What are your spiritual roots and how have they affected your spiritual journey?

I'm actually Jewish because both of my parents are. Though we celebrated Jewish holidays like Hanukkah and passover, I wasn't raised with much religion. Off and on I attended Christian churches, most notably the Unitarian Church. Probably because I don't have much religious background I also don't have much to rebel against. Because of that I'm more open to a lot of the Christian teachings that many people who have a background in Christianity tend to hate. I think because I don't have that same level of prejudice, I can read ultra-religious teachings and take them for what they are without reading in a lot of extra angst. While I tend to read Christian teachings I'm not a Christian.

#5. It appears that you have traveled the road to better eating- from all sugar all the time to Veganism. Can you compare your emotional journey in line with the eating journey? The losses, the gains?

Since cutting out animal products I miss butter more than anything. That's a surprise to me as I thought cheese would be the biggie. I do have more clarity and focus now than I did. And I feel stronger and more capable maybe just because I'm sticking with something I never thought I could do. And I've lost 10 pounds which is a nice side effect.

#6. What are the three hardest things about being a parent?

It's so distracting- as soon as I get something started I have to switch gears to attend to her then find my way back to what I was doing. It's terrifying- I always live with the horror of ever having to live without her. Bedtime--It's so difficult for me to stick with a routine. Luckily David handles it most nights.

#7. Three best things about having a partner/spouse?

David makes me giggle more easily than anyone in the world. He is my base, my home.

#8. I was born and raised in CA, spent 10 years in WA... Tell me a bit about Kansas. Are you from there? Moved there?

I'm here since I was 11. And before that I lived in Oklahoma City so I'm a midwestern girl for sure. Wichita is fine. It's an easy and cheap place to live. And it's where my momma and friends are. My mortgage is cheaper than the cost of a California bathroom but I often want to move somewhere more scenic. Maybe to a state that wouldn't have voted for Mike Huckabee and hasn't outlawed teaching evolution in school.

#9. Besides meditation, parenting, writing, and challenging yourself, what do you do for fun, an outlet?

It sounds nerdy but meditation and prayer are my outlet. That's where I find solace and rest. That said, I'm like a teenage girl with the telephone. Old friends are as important to me as family and I spend a lot of time chatting. I snuggle a lot and I snack. And shop garage sales.

#10. Why did you volunteer to do this interview project? And how did you get to his blog?

I found it through Schmutzie's blog and I decided to do it to reach outside my comfort zone a bit. And increase my readership.

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