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Mar 28, 2008

Tired nonsense of sorts

Have you seen this?? Frightening.

In other news, just for the record, Raquel is not a bog 'ol homophobe (see here). She is also not the only one to ask me if the blogher conference is a lesbian thing. (Kel) Which is funny, to me. I tried to remember if I have ever asked a straight woman, or straight man for that matter, if it was a straight thing. Hmmm, I think not... or maybe I have. I have some vague recollection of asking if we were going to be the token gay couple invited to an event. We are surrounded by straight people and in fact I don't think we really have gay or lesbian friends here in town. Acquaintances, yes, but not people we socialize with. It's odd, sorta.

It's a different thing to think about. Will there be people like us there? And I wonder how many times this comes up for people and in which circles. I know of many straight men that don't want to be hanging out with a group of straight women all by themselves. Of course not that they wouldn't or don't- just that it's not their first choice. In straight relationships the men tend to hang out with the other men and the women with the women. Yes, yes, yes their are exceptions to these rules, there are always exceptions. I have mentioned before that I do believe stereotypes do exist because they are partially true. Think about it. How else are stereotypes created? They are not all true, and certainly not all parts of a stereotype apply to each individual within that stereotypical group.

I'll be safe and stick to my own corner of the world here... most lesbian couples involve one more feminine woman and one more masculine. Not that one is always totally butch and one totally feminine, but you get my drift.

In any case all this drivel about stereotypes makes me think of racial issues and Obama and his white mama. Racism, prejudice it gets all out of whack. So complicated, but so simple. Human beings seek others who are generally similar to themselves. There are 5 trillion ways that we can be similar or different. Step outside the box. Have respect for individuals and individualism.

I hang out with straight people all the time. They're okay people too. I have an open mind , I've even learned to be accepting of them touching each other in front of me. I don't let their breeding practices get in the way of our friendship and I even talk to the man. It takes time. But with patience and acceptance it can happen.


Yondalla said...

I'm so relieved!

blahblahblah said...


BEing a breeder myself, I totally understand.