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Mar 2, 2008

Cars I've Owned

The suggested theme for NaBloPoMo is lists. Here is my first.

#1. A dark brown, copper colored 1965 VW bug.

It was a semi-automatic. For those who haven’t had the pleasure- no clutch, but a shift on the floor- 1st, 2nd, and Reverse, hmmm, was there a 3rd gear too?, might have been, I can't quite remember. I bought it from a high school friend who got a brand new VW convertible Rabbit, red with a white top, personalized plates and all. I drove it until my parents found out I had accumulated six tickets and the insurance company notified them they would no longer insure me. I believe I also had my license suspended- some nonsense about six tickets in 18 months... That car went on the most adventures.

#2. A bluish, gray dusty 1966 Karmann Ghia. License plate # TBY299

I found it in the paper (my license had been recently re-instated), the passenger door was falling off, attached to the frame by a bungee cord. The young woman wanted $800.00 and I only had $600.00 (thank goodness for student loans). After she refused my offer I sent my good looking and charming male roommate to swoon her into accepting "his" offer. She accepted. Ha! I took a trip to the wrecking yard and found the faulty part to re-secure the door. And soon after replaced all four tires since I kept getting stuck in the old train tracks that ran through the middle of town. It only had a 6 volt battery in it so the head and tail lights were dim. I got pulled over for that- but let go. I loved that car. I sold it for $1800.00 a few years later.

#3. A dark brown Toyota pickup with a carpeted bed and cab. I don't remember the year.

The Karmann Ghia became too small so I bought the truck- Plus it was after I came out, so it seemed appropriate to be driving a truck.

#3 1/2. Käri owned a red VW convertible Rabbit with a black top.

A very fun ride.

#4. A red VW camper van with a pop top. Don't remember the year there either.

I didn't do as much as I could have with that van. I think we only took it camping a couple of times. I loved that one too. My co-worker traded pink slips with me, he took my truck, I took the van. Homeless people would sleep in occasionally since we lived across the street from a large park- we would just leave it unlocked.

#5. An almost new, silver 1991 Subaru wagon.

Also a fabulous car. We traded in the Rabbit for this one. Leo's first ride. We only sold it because we needed a car that would fit three car seats.

#6. A red Volvo station wagon.

Steady as a rock. I threw up in that car many times, all pregnancy related. Sold it to a good friend, who I think may still have it...

#7. A purple Plymouth mini-van.

It fit three car seats! And we got a good deal from a school family. I think we only owned this car for a few months.

#8. A white Chrysler Town and Country mini-van.

This was bought during a road trip from Washington to California. The purple van kept breaking down and they could never figure out what was wrong, so we traded it in. At the time of purchase, we were traveling with Leo, at 4 1/2, and we were both 8 months pregnant.

#9. A 1971 Ford Ranger,lime green pickup.

Aptly named Kermit. I had to have it. I bought it off of a used car lot and the engine blew a month or so later. I should have taken them to small claims, but I didn't. I replaced the engine and kept it around for a while. Another favorite.

#10. 2001 Black Ford Excursion.

If we flew American flags you'd think the secret service was in town. The windows are all tinted. This was purchased when we jumped to six kids. The mini-van only held 5 car seats. This holds 6 car seats.

#11. A green VW Corrado.

They only made them for a year maybe two. This was a hand-me-down from Käri's brother. I was commuting in the pick up, which made no sense- so he gave us this car because he no longer needed it (nice to have money, eh?). A little 2 door sporty thing.

#12. A dark green Ford Windstar.

Also purchased from a school family. Reliable.

#13. The mother of all cars- A medium green, 15 passenger van.

I want racing stripes painted on the side! This was bought pretty much over the phone. The salesman had it out in front. We signed papers and he delivered it to us later in the afternoon. Ruby had arrived the afternoon before and Julia came that day. We had to have a car that would fit eight kids, seven still in car seats.

That's a lot of cars, a lot of VW's, and a lot of them green...

We currently own the Excursion (the small car)and the 15 passenger van.


Sheesha said...

Wow - you have me beat! My first was a baby blue VW Beetle (I can never remember the year - only that it was older than me!) Next was a 82 Ford Escort - also baby blue. And then a 87 (brand new) Toyota Celica - Silver (hit a deer head on and it was never the same), 94 Toyota 4Runner - Gold, very fun car. And of course my favorite - the 2000 GMC Yukon Denali - I miss that dark green beauty the most! And now the 02 VW Passat - my least favorite - but a great car! And of course my husbands 4 trucks he's had over the course of our 20 years - 3 were blue and one green - two Chevy's, a GMC and a Ford. All those and only 2 were brand new! I feel like I just went down memory lane - Thanks!

Brad said...

The VW Van has to be the best ever! They are so fun and boy so many memories!


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