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Okay? Okay.

Mar 26, 2008

Thinking it over

Ready for bed an hour ago- must of been the two margaritas I had with dinner. Mmmm, good. What happened to the days when I could drink all night???

It's kind of a funny thing to think about going to this event (blogher) to perhaps meet people that I don't know, yet have a connection with via the internet. Even folks that I know read the blog rarely mention it to me or if they do, it's little comments dropped, never a full expression or discussion. There's this invisible wall that exists. What would it be like to break that wall? Even for one person. How would that effect what I write, or would it? Yeah, probably not.

Thanks for the offer of passing out in your room, Lelo. Perhaps we should chat about being bunkmates. Are you game? And hey, G. grab the boob anytime, it needs a little lovin' squeeze every once in a while! March 31st ends the early registration, so it's on the forefront of my little mind.


Denise said...

I would love to go. But i am not sure that I can afford it. We are going on two many vacations in May and June. I would love to meet you, and G. So far those are the onnly people that I know that are going.

Denise said...

Oh and it is close to me too, as I love near Sac.