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Mar 9, 2008

Interview Project

Allright so I volunteered to be interviewed and also to interview somebody else through here.
I've been terrible about following through with my interview but I was recently asked a few questions by my interviewer.
I've read 'em, I'm pondering 'em and I swear I'll get back here tomorrow. But it's late and now I'm going to bed.

1. So many people claim they just "don't have the time" for various
things in their life. With eight kids, I'm sure you're not sitting
around with oodles of spare time on your hands, yet you find time to
blog and read other blogs. Why do you choose to make time for this
particular hobby, and how do you do it?

2. A related question perhaps: What do you get from blogging that you
can't/don't get from other aspects of your life?

3. Can you describe a time when you felt particularly included or
welcome in the blogosphere?

3a. Can you describe a time when you felt excluded or unwelcome in the

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