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Nov 29, 2006

The Remote

So, Monday night the kids are all safely tucked in bed, snacks and bottles are made, garbage to the sidewalk... etc. etc. etc.

Finally time to sit and zone out in front of the TV- Grown up time has arrived.

Me- You have the remote?

K- No, I don't think so.

Me- Is it under the cushions, couch..., chair..., ottoman..., ??? (you get the idea)

We can't find it- ANYWHERE!

Now this is a catastrophe for us. Most programs we watch have been recorded on our DVR, and without the remote we are clueless about how to access those shows. Not to mention, our satellite box is located in an antique'ish blanket box under the TV. So in order to get to the box we have to lift off the TV- not an easy task and certainly not one I'm up to at 9:00 at night. I'm done, I want to sit and push buttons on my remote or turn pages in a small, lightweight, paperback book.

We both spend 10-15 minutes searching the house, mostly downstairs where the TV is- seems logical right? And a bit upstairs, just in case.

AhHa, we remember we actually have a new remote in a box in the closet from when we thought the other one was broken and our kindly satellite folks sent us a new one- Turns out the old one started working fine, so we never opened the new one. Problem solved, yes? No.

What follows is an hour of trying to program the new remote, a call to the all knowing satellite tech folks, lifting the TV off the box anyway, some groaning, complaining and a few moments of laughter and Voila! We have TV! Yahoo!

Let's just speed forward to Tuesday morning when I think to ask my kids- Anyone seen the remote??

Gracie immediately says- Yeah, it's upstairs, I saw it with some tape and stuff, blue tape.

No way... I looked upstairs, never saw it. You gotta be kidding.

Sure enough, there it is all safe and sound, in the K'Nex bin, taped (with blue tape) to the telescope.

Apparently, this was all part of Gus's diobolical plot to turn the channels while we weren't looking- while he was sleeping, and we weren't watching TV because we couldn't find the remote... Devious isn't he?


Anonymous said...

ET and I laughed hysterically about this one. I really am glad I found your blog, and you inspired me to start to blog...more to follow!

Liza said...

Hi -- A friend sent me a link to your blog. I manage the blog portal LesbianFamily.org, and I'm wondering if you would like this blog to be listed? (In, um, almost all of the categories?)

Yondalla said...

We have several universal remotes. We also had old adapter/plugs for old cell phones. You know, if you duct tape them to the remote and tie them to something, it makes the remotes much easier to find.