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Nov 15, 2006

Little Things

It's the little things that make me happy, make me feel like I am ok.

The jump from six to eight kids certainly made an impact. I was exhausted, everything took longer. The bottles, diapers, strapping them in their car seats, the increase in laundry, but that was nine months ago. This school year the details escape me. I can't seem to remember who needs what where, which preschool class is performing, who needs what for the Thanksgiving feast and when is it anyway??

Now, our youngest, Ruby was diagnosed with a rare congenital disorder that could cause irreparable harm- This occurred as a result of a trivial fall on 8/31. Glutaric Aciduria Type 1 is the name of this nasty disease. At nine months, she appears to be completely healthy, yet we know that another fall could cause a damaging brain bleed. And then there is the threat of dehydration which, in layman's terms, would allow toxins to build up and cause irreversible brain damage. So she isn't supposed to get sick.

A nine month old, not supposed to get sick. Are you hearing that? No fevers, no stomach distress, no ear infections, no bad colds- cuz if she does, she is to be hospitalized. Day or night, if there is a threat of dehydration she is to be admitted to the hospital for IV fluids etc, etc, etc. The advice we were given - Your job is to keep her alive until she is one- that's the most critical year, well, and then until she is two. How 'bout that for a bit of a reality check??

So you know, now that I write about it, I don't think it's the leap from six to eight. It's Ruby.

But, the point of this rambling, is that with eight young children there is a lot of juggling, a lot of grey hair, and apparently, quite a bit of forgetting- and here is the little thing that makes me happy about that.

A friend, mother of two, can't remember either. Today she asks me- now which class is collecting for the homeless shelter, preschool or kindergarten?

I love that.


Anonymous said...

i have no idea where you live but i wish i could help and babysit for you!


Tricia said...

Thanks- much appreciated! Wish you could too!