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Nov 13, 2006

Eating Like A Baby

Here's what I love about my nine month old who won't eat baby food.

Yup- no baby food for Julia. Try to feed her with a spoon and she turns her head. These days if I even try to put food in her mouth- a little tidbit or so, she purses her lips and turns her head. She won't eat a teething biscuit even. However, I have discovered some french bread toast does the trick. She'll gnaw on it for a while, snorting and snuffling like a little piggy.

I say that endearingly. It really is darling. But here is the clincher... I love the way when she is done with whatever is in her mouth, or she sees something that just looks better, she just uses that tongue of hers to push the current occupant right on out of the way. Yeah, just done with that- next.

Don't you kinda wish we could do that too??


Anonymous said...

is she really only nine months? that hair!


Susan said...

That wrinkly nose is TOO cute.

Tricia said...

Really only nine months and cute as can be...high maintenance, but cute!

Yondalla said...

My first-born, "Andrew" liked to gnaw on bagles. We would tear off about a third of one and he would hng on to it and scrap of gooy crumbs.

His first words were: "Mama," "Dada," and "baba."

Most people thought "baba" meant bottle, but no.

...working my way through your archives.