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Nov 11, 2006

Long Hot Shower

This morning I had the luxury of taking a long hot shower- one of my most favorite solo activities. While enjoying the steam cloud every glass and mirrored surface in the bathroom. I had these random thoughts- many of them in fact. Some were mildly important, some completely inconsequential. I had this idea that I would blog these thoughts. I envisioned the list, debated to myself if I should number the thoughts, perhaps a bulleted list, or maybe writing them in no particular order.

I was pretty happy with this idea. Fabulous, not only did I take a long hot shower, but I made a plan!

Things I didn't like about having the stomach flu for three days- why I want to medicate my child...on and on they went.

Now, they're gone. Perhaps down the drain... Maybe, because I stopped to scrub the shower since no one was screaming or crying, yet, the thoughts were all washed away. Well... another day. More memory cells gone.

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