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Nov 6, 2006

Bad Mama

Bad Mama, Bad Mama... It was mid way through the trauma that I thought I must take pictures of this and blog the story. I think that might make me a bad mother... or maybe an emerging blog hog.

So, I am trying to get dinner made, MIL is coming for dinner- a fairly regular event, and A. is here to pick up her boys who have spent a few hours destroying, I mean playing, at our house. Suddenly, screams erupt from the upper regions, screams with an edge- a something wrong kind of edge... Mia comes down the stairs, alternately screaming and sobbing as only an extremely loud four year old girl can do. GRACE.... PUT... SOMETHING... UP... MY... NOSE!

Holy Cow, please not a trip to the ER -up your nose?

Grace fills us in... We were playing a game.

Really? What game?

Grace- the put something up your nose game...

I see. Clearly a game that has hard and fast rules- harmless and fun like UNO??

Grace- blank, somewhat quizzical stare

Well, what did you put up your sister's nose?

Grace- A shoe.

A what?

Grace- A shoe.

What kind of shoe?
(Perhaps she has seen the nobloshoemo flickr site and was looking for a truly original way to photograph an entry...)

Grace- A Polly Pocket shoe. I thought I could do a magic trick, like when Leo pulled that rock out of your ear.

Ohhhhh...Mommy and I exchange a nod.

Ok, so now we know what to look for-A quick lift to the kitchen counter and sure enough there it is, way up there, only to be viewed with Mia's head tilted far, far back. Far enough, that Mia is gagging in between sobs. A quick sprint to the medicine cabinet produces the best tweezers ever- A present given to me years ago from my mother. They are very fine pointed, sharp tweezers- wonderful for removing splinters. They are the perfect for the task at hand, except of course, for the very sharp ends...

Back went the head, in went the tweezers, out came the shoe. No punctured sinuses.

A high heeled, slightly orange, open toed, Polly Pocket shoe.

ER avoided!

Poor A., mother of two, head spinning from the chaos that is our lives.

Lessons learned?
1. Nothing smaller than your elbow goes up your nose.

2. Magic tricks are for when you are ten.

3. High heeled shoes are bad.

4. Mom gives the most useful presents.

Dinner was about 30 minutes late.

Oh yeah, and yesterday when we were cleaning up the family room and Ruby avoided certain death from legos, knex and all things chokable... Apparently she did not avoid ALL things, as I discovered when I changed her diaper a few moments ago and discovered a tiny little 'O' bead... 'O' for -Oh my....

I'll spare you the pictures of that!


Susan said...

Don't you be blaming this on NoBloShoeMo. Please.

(I have to say, small things up the nose scare me to death. You seemed very calm, though, and I am thoroughly impressed. And a little freaked out. Poor little shoe--er, nose.)

yayagirl said...

polly pocket anything is scary! they are all over our house...always! and while i'm on the polly pocket topic, does anyone else have to dress the dolls because they are so small, the kids can't do it on their own? I am dressing polly pockets for much of my day.

glad you got it out...oh the joys of parenting!

Anonymous said...

I can hear Mia screaming right this minute, and I live far, far away. She is such a doll but man can that girl make a big noise when she wants/needs to.
So glad that the shoe was removed. I too have a favorite pair of tweezers but can't remember if they were a gift or I just took them from my mom when I ran away at age 17.
Love your blog....