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Nov 22, 2006


How long can you leave a pot of melted caramel on top of the stove?

I think we made caramel and chocolate covered apples on Sunday, maybe Saturday. Having many helpers unwrap the carmels and being a bit over zealous about making sure we had enough to cover all apples- plus I love caramel- we have a lot leftover.

A few nights ago I heated it back up and drizzled it over some ice cream- lovely!

This morning I added a bit to my coffee- Mmmmmm!

What next? Turns out I'm really the only fan of the caramel covered apples- What is wrong with my children?? And I can only eat so many of those. Drizzle it over some turkey? Add it to the sweet potato casserole, actually that might not be bad...Oh, wait, how about ontop of apple pie??? Now that sounds good.

Dilemma- transport it down to my brother's house for the festivities (still in the same pot, of course) or leave at home another day or two and hope that we bring leftover pie home???

Which brings me back to- Just how long can you leave a pot of carmel hanging out on top of the stove???

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Kari said...

So, did you ever wash the pot?? Come on, I'm waiting for new news. What, have you been sick or something for the last several days?? What's up? Lazy blogger?? Get a move on girl!