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Dec 1, 2006

Swollen Heart

You know that saying, "my heart swelled", do you think it really does?

Tonight as I watched my firstborn, our oldest son, perform, my heart felt measurably larger. He twittered, he danced, he spoke his lines unfalteringly, he sang. He was good. He's ten and not famous, yet- maybe someday.

I was leaning forward in my seat hoping to catch each nuance of the actors- I was eager, excited for them. I believe the oldest of the troupe was 16. Which means our guy was among the youngest. Many of the kids brought tears to my eyes. They were performing A Christmas Carol- a touching story told by children. I knew several of them and to watch them strut their stuff, so proud. They would scan the crowd looking for their parent or friend, aunt or grandma. Make the slightest of eye contact, a little smile and move on. So incredibly sweet.

This swelling I think is good for you, probably brings more oxygen to your brain or releases more endorphins or something. But really what I like is that I felt good, I felt proud and my boy did good!

What makes your heart swell?

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