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Dec 8, 2006


'Tis the season for holiday caroling, festive decorations, lights, and apparently friendly visits from inquiring police officers. This happens for many reasons- noisy parties that are going late into the night, perhaps suspicious behavior in the neighborhood, collecting money for the police fund or maybe after someone in the house CALLS 911!!

Yes, in fact this is what happened at our house a few nights ago. The carolers had been at the house collecting cans in exchange for the singing. The kids were bathed and ready for bed. Julia was being fussy and Ruby was getting rocked to sleep. Julia was waiting, but getting crankier by the second, so I gave her the nearest object that would distract her for a little while, yes, the phone. A few minutes later the doorbell rings. Could it be more carolers?? Not unless it is the local police singing group...

Now, what are the chances that Julia, at ten months, would dial any complete number connecting herself to Belgium, Taiwan, or say 911? Our phone is one of the newer ones that operates much like a cell phone, in that you dial the number and then press talk in order for the number to connect. So, this means that Jul had to dial exactly 9- 1- 1- and then Talk. She's 10 months old, did I mention that?

Thankfully, the officers were very kind. We offered them to come in and take a look around at the house to make sure we weren't being held captive (we are of course held captive by our children, but we didn't tell them that). They took a look at the kids swarming the front door and politely declined. We apologized. They complimented us on our Christmas lights and went on their way.

Needless to say, Julia no longer plays with the phone!

I mean, really, what are the chances???

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