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Dec 31, 2006

Kid Funnies

It's around 11:30 and I've finally showered, dressed, and am swilling down the dregs of my coffee in front of the computer- it is vacation after all!

Abe approaches with exclamations of joy...blah, blah, growned up!

Me- Uh-huh...

No, no Mama...your shirt it all growned up!

Me- Amused, but not sure why...hmmmmm???

And then I remember. I'm wearing a shirt that I got for my birthday, over two months ago, that originally was too small. I returned it and got a larger one in exchange. Abers missed the step where I exchanged and so, in his four year old wisdom and joy, is so happy for me that my shirt is now all growned up!

Me- Your right, babe, it did, it all growed up!

And then there was last night...

Per usual when we are all going somewhere, we send the kids out to the car to 'load up'.
Translation? Get your bottom to the car, buckle, and wait for me, or us, as the case may be.

Invariably, I am greeted in the car by complaints by one or the other about transgressions that have occurred in my absence. Last night was no exception.

Gus- Mama, Mommy, I keep telling Grace to stop but she won't.

One of us (Is that scary that I don't remember who it was?)- Well, what is happening?

Gus- She keeps making Ghost noses!

K and I laugh and can't stop laughing even when Gus is sad about it. I reach back and pat his knee and reassure him that we are not laughing at him, but that we totally understand how those Ghost noses are so annoying. And we laugh some more...Pretty much all the way down the road...

Guess you had to be there, but it was sooo funny.

Soon to come- photos of conspicuous consumption/kid spoiling/Christmas Morning


Tracey said...

Read your blog for a bit, and the kids' quotes are cracking me up!

I look forward to hearing more.:)

cole said...

I love your kids. They sound kooky like mine. I came by to say hello after you left a nice comment.

I look forward to reading more and finding out more about why you blog...

peace, cole